Preparation Tips For CLAT Exam 2017


CLAT exam for this year will be held on 14 May 2017, time span of only one month is available in hands of students to score good marks and secure your seat in one out of 18 NLUs. CLAT exam paper is divided into five sections which are English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, General knowledge and Current affairs, Legal aptitude. To score good marks you need to practice a lot of question as well as time you devote to each question. The major problem student face is time management they spend too much time in one section which affect your entire paper and morale. As the CLAT exam will conduct online students should go for Mock test. Mock test will not only help you to manage your time as well as reduce your chances of technological failure. Students often face problems at time of exam as they don’t know the exact procedure for online test and this will result in wastage of your valuable time. After all practice makes men perfect.

General Knowledge:-

GK section in CLAT 2017 will include 50 questions out of which a good attempt would be 30-35 questions while attempt of 40 would be exceptional. Student are advised to score good marks is this section because you don’t have to think for long time after reading a question related to general knowledge and its pretty easy to find out correct answer with help of MCQ’s. The next thing we would like to suggest is read national news paper thoroughly and amendment laws. We have suggested books for general knowledge reading these books will help you to score good marks.  Legal General Knowledge covered the 117th Amendment and the number of High Courts in India. One question in General Science was repeated from last year’s paper, and there were lesser questions from this topic than the previous year. The couple of questions from History were a little tough. Questions testing knowledge of Personalities, World Days and International Organizations constituted the rest of the section.

Mathematics & Logical Reasoning:-

Mathematics and Logical reasoning is the next section you should concentrate after GK. Solve maximum number of question and analyse previous years CLAT question papers. This will help you to know which kind of question will appear in exam and how to tackle such question. Make note of important formulas and shortcut go at least once through these notes in a week. This section of the paper had 20 questions. Most of the questions were straightforward and required application of the basic concepts to arrive at the correct answer. This section was mainly focused on questions from Geometry, Mensuration and Arithmetic, and most of the questions were from topics like percentages, profit, loss and discount, ratio & proportion, time, speed and distance, time and work, area, circles etc. The question that asked in logical reasoning section will be easy and straight forward. There will be 15 questions on arrangement and 5 questions each on, Blood Relationships, Syllogisms, Course of Action, and Analogy. Students are advised to go through the books that we have suggested in other article. The books contain number of questions on above topics. You can easily score full marks in this section only if you practice the maximum number of questions as the level of difficulty is very low.

Legal Aptitude:-

This test will assess the candidate on how inclined he is towards law, his expertise in research and his ability to solve problems. The questions will include legal principles that have to be applied to certain situations. The candidate will have to judge the situation and come up with an apt conclusion or solution. Refer previous year question papers and solve the question related to this. Identify the type of question which are asked frequently in CLAT exam and practiced the same questions. Understand the question thoroughly and come to logical conclusion. This section involves lot of thinking for which you will require more time for every question. Do not go for this section at first; solve Mathematics, GK and Logical reasoning sections before this section. Try to solve those three sections in minimum time and use that extra time for legal aptitude section.


You should go for English section after legal aptitude. This test will assess the candidate’s proficiency in English. It will comprise comprehension and grammar. In the comprehension section, the candidates have to exhibit clear understanding of the passage and answer questions accordingly. In the grammar section, a candidate will be asked to spot wrong sentences and correct them, will be asked to apply correct grammar usage at identified sections, will be asked word meanings, fill in the blanks, and the like. This section will take you to basics of grammar. Generally passages require more time to read and solve the question based on it. Students are advised to practice this type of question to save your time. To prepare for English, you can begin by strengthening you grammar by going back to the basics and understanding them once again. It will be a good idea to start reading an English newspaper and English magazines on a regular basis. Try to learn few new words every day, including their synonyms and antonyms. This will help you in understanding the comprehension thoroughly solve as many past questions as possible and also take the numerous English tests that are available online and in the process develop your own mechanism to solve the questions.

On an average from past analysis students appearing for CLAT exam could able to attempt only 160-170 question while attempt of above 170 is consider to be exceptional. You have 120 minutes for 200 questions. Mathematically you will get time of 35 sec to attain a question. Even though the questions are very easy but it is time duration which makes it very difficult. Students get confused if they use more time on one section and in this confusion sometimes they marks wrong option. For online test we advise every student to check the answer at least twice before you move to next question. Don’t think about saving your time at the end to check marked answers. Read question at least twice to understand the meaning of it. It happens with some students they read the question which they took it with different perspective and ultimately it result in Choosing wrong option.

In this year CLAT will conduct online. Online exam is better as compare to offline as you can mark difficult question for review, you can go to any of the five sections as per your preference. On top side there will be a notification window which will provide you information about how many questions you have answered from every section. This will help you to track your performance during exam. Attempt as many mock tests as possible there are many available online. Learn tricks and short cuts to solve the problems easily.